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Studio clients include Grammy and Juno nominees Fresh IE and Jon Buller. Check out Jon Buller's "Come Awake" and Fresh IE's "The Wind and the Waves" Notable projects include Jodi Pederson's "Christmas With You" and Les Copelands "Don't Let the Devil in" (Reviewed in Vintage guitar magazine). Drummer for Raquel Cole, Jon Buller, and Andrew Allen.

About John Newton

Hi, I'm John Newton and my Farmhouse Music is my studio. I am Drummer, Producer, and Engineer. I would love to get to know you and your music. I am working from my personal studio where I have a great listening and recording environment. My family and I live on a small acreage where we have our hobby farm. If I had to describe the environment in one word it would be peaceful.
I have a couple areas where I could bring my experience to your music, as a Mixing or Mastering engineer, Producer, or as a Drummer. Please have a listen to my work on the Music Samples page and reach out so we can discuss your project.
For my remote mixing clients I have set up a video and audio system that creates a direct connection between you and I so that you can sit in the studio with me as we finish up a mix. You will hear high quality audio, and we can discuss your song as I work.

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